I didn't choose Betty. She chose me.

I didn't choose Betty. She chose me.
The Betty Crocker Kitchens 1940

Monday, December 8, 2014

Oh Domestic Science no one appreciates you enough!

7th December 1964: From left to right, Susan Andrews, Christine Brain, Jennifer Paxton and Judy Evans, four pupils of the Clarendon School in South Oxhey, Hertfordshire display the Christmas cakes they have designed and created in their Domestic Science class

West High School domestic science class 1926 | Denver Public Library 

For my book Finding Betty Crocker I did a lot of research on the Domestic Science and Home Economics Movements and some days, I just feel so nostalgic for the good ol' days that I never actually experienced - save for a 6th grade home ec unit that strikes me as some sort of dream now.