I didn't choose Betty. She chose me.

I didn't choose Betty. She chose me.
The Betty Crocker Kitchens 1940

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Betty Mystique (A film by Susan Marks) Screening

Save the date! December 3, 2009 at the Mill City Museum at 7pm in Minneapolis, MN.

Almost every damn day someone asks me when they can see my documentary film on Betty Crocker. Your one and only chance is likely this December. Don't live anywhere near the Mill City Museum you say? Book your flight now and do your X-mas shopping while you are in town. How about the Mall of America? A lot people shop there and get all excited about it.

Or better yet, head over to St. Paul and shop at Common Good Books or at the Mill City Museum gift shop. It's really your call.

So come and get your Betty on and quit your crying! ;)

Did I mention it's free? A free event that is open to the public. You're going to wonder how you got so lucky.

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