I didn't choose Betty. She chose me.

I didn't choose Betty. She chose me.
The Betty Crocker Kitchens 1940

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Betty Crocker Search for the American Homemaker of Tomorrow Scholarship

Did you get one of these Betty Crocker Scholarship pins or charms from your high school? Do you still have it? Do you cherish it? Is it a laughable reminder of how you were good at test-taking, but knew nothing about home economics? Keep your Betty Crocker Scholarship stories coming!


none said...

While looking through a drawer of family artifacts, I found the Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow pin - wheat plus heart design - which I received in 1958. Similar to several posts on Facebook, the award was a source of amusement and embarrassment. Me? A future homemaker! The test has been given in a class and I had no idea it was connected with a scholarship. And for the very shy person I was then having my picture and an article in the local paper was mortifying. I've just checked my memorabilia files and the article and announcement letter are no longer there. I must have decided this was one bit of my past that didn't need to be known in the future. Mary Anne - Portland Maine

MizzBzVegan said...

Thanks for the memories. I received my Betty Crocker Future Homemaker of Tomorrow charm, accompanied by a lovely bracelet and certificate, in 1972. It was a big surprise because, as a high school athlete and activist, I barely remembered taking the test, and there were other young ladies who really wanted the award.
We laughed about it at a reunion a few years ago.
And, thanks to my Grandma, and later Mom, who kept everything, I still have the charm and bracelet.
And evidently, the people at Betty Crocker were right, because, although I worked outside my home while raising my four sons, I cooked, baked, sewed and kept gardens, and still do.
Who knew?

jodydem said...

I don't remember the pin but I do remember being the winner in 1955 for Pennsylvanis. I still recall our visit to Washington DC and Williamsburg and the costumes we were provided with. I was more than pleased with the 2nd place prize of a $1500.00 dollar schlorship which paid exactly 1/2 my tuition at Duquesne University School of Pharmacy and that in addition to my husband's earnings have paid for a very comfortable early retirement and lots of travel opportunities. I thank Betty Crocker every day for providing me with a very comfortable satisfying life.

MizzBzVegan said...

Congratulations to all of us winners!.I love the "sweet spot" of fond memories invoked by reading these posts. In my "young adult" years, I might not have felt the same, had I even thought about the award. It came up once, maybe in my late 30's/early 40's, in a "something about me no one knows" exercise, which I won because that was the fact that no one came close to guessing. Too funny. So thank you, again, Betty Crocker!

Susan Marks said...

Great stories! Jodydem, I think you are the first state winner I've ever heard from. Wow! All of you, your stories are wonderful. Thank you for sharing them here.

Lorna Collins - said...

I received my little pin in 1964, and today it holds a special place in a shadow box in my home. Great memories!

falconorganic said...

I received my charm in 1970. I was a junior graduating a year early and it was a big surprise. It validated that I was doing what I loved. I still have the charm and the test I took. I still invent things in the kitchen and love to sew. I would love to meet others who won at their schools! falconorganic at gmail dot com

Susan Marks said...

Falconorganic: Check out another post and you will comments from many other BC Scholarship winner and hopefully you can connect with some of them.


Binnie Seymour said...

I was Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow in 1958 at Leander High School in Leander, Texas. I loved to sew and cook. My Parents, Mr. and Mrs. beard, owned a cafe so I was exposed to much cooking. My Mom taught me to sew when I was six years old on my Grandmothers old Singer treadle sewing machine. I made all my clothes when I was in the sixth grade. I made a dress for F.H.A. when in the sixth grade at Eanes School in Westlake, Texas and wore it to my Grandfathers funeral in New Mexico. My husband of almost 59 years would take me home from high school and I would have a new dress made for my date that same night. He still loves to tell that story. Wish I had known that I might could have won a $5000 Scholarship, but then, God is Good as I may not have married my childhood Sweetheart. I have a most wonderful family. Thanks for the opportunity to share this special story. I still have my beautiful 1958 pin! Blessings, Binnie Ruth Seymour