I didn't choose Betty. She chose me.

I didn't choose Betty. She chose me.
The Betty Crocker Kitchens 1940

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Home for Unwed Mothers Stories

Did you stay in a Home for Unwed Mothers in the 1950s, 1960s or 1970s?

I'm doing writing research for a television show and I would love to hear your story.

Also - longshot - but if you had a black baby boy in 1969 in Chicago and gave him up for adoption - you just might be my brother's bio mom! And we would love to meet you.

Email me, Susan Marks at doll dot documentary at gmail dot com


Celiene O'Hara said...

I could NOT figure out your email address.

Hi - I was doing my own research on Betty Crocker not wearing red, and found your blog. Go here:


They found my sister in literally 20 minutes. The site is full of what are called 'Search Angels'. Give them as much info as you have, birth date, time, place, birth name if known. They can also give you ideas for other search tools.

Good luck finding your brother's mom.


Susan Marks said...

Hi Celiene! Thanks for your comment. That's amazing that you found your sister in 20 minutes. I will pass along the info to my brother and just maybe he can track down his bio family. Thanks again. Susan

Susan Marks said...

Update! My brother has his original birth certificate now. He knows the name of his bio mother. I couldn't find her online but he could reach out through Cook County to try and track her down. The ball is in his court...